What We’ve Learned from Tracking our Data Tools and Approaches


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Yanuar Nugroho, PhD, Deputy Chief of Staff at the Executive Office of the President demonstrating Haze Gazer


What We've Learned from Tracking our Data Tools & Approaches 

How best can we inform ourselves and a broader audience about the impact and lessons of our work? We tackled this question by writing “Stories of Change” about six data tools and approaches developed or supported by PLJ. These are the key lessons that emerged.


Monitoring Action Before/During/After Tropical Cyclones

CycloMon is our cyclone monitoring platform that relies on a series of automatic processes to collect, analyse and visualise data from weather satellites and social media. With the launch of its website, users can now explore various cyclone conditions in different regions of the world. 


Wawasan Satu Data: Applying Human-Centred Design Principles  

Over the past few months, PLJ in partnership with the Executive Office of the President of Indonesia have been applying human-centred design to model a local data governance framework. Including designing and testing a prototype toolkit, here’s how we went about it.   


Big Data and the Sustainability of Coral Reefs 

Coral reefs cover less than 0.2% of our oceans, yet its ecosystem is home to 25% of the world's marine species. Unless action is action, more than 90% of the world's coral reefs could die by 2050 according to some research. Could Big Data be a saviour? Dr. Hawis Madduppa discusses.   


What we're reading



How to Succeed in Government - The Guide

A reading list for innovators, a skill-building toolkit, a jargon decoder and snazzy infographics: these are among the handful of items included in this guide, outlining how and where to develop the skills needed to overcome many of the everyday challenges public servants face.


People are Your Data

Understanding “thick data” is important for everyone in the digital age. And that’s because people and data are intrinsically linked - as this ethnographer puts it, “data is people, and people are data”. But what does this mean for people’s personhood when it comes to research?  


Prediction of the FIFA World Cup 2018

The World Cup is one of the most watched international events and just about everyone has a favourite team. However, what if you could predict your team’s performance, let’s say based on all matches from previous tournaments, would you still remain a diehard fan? 


Social Trust: An Invisible Glue for Better Urban Planning

How can cities with lower levels of social trust improve the planning process? The obvious answer is to win more trust back. But how? The idea here is to start at the neighbourhood level especially with ongoing changes, and to ​make​ planning more responsive across the board.


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