Data Strategising with the UN in Asia Pacific


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Expectations and objectives gathered from UN Resident Coordinators and Heads of Agencies during a recent data workshop


Data Strategising with the UN in Asia Pacific 

Data is the lifeblood of decision-making, but how should public officials navigate the digital deluge? UN Resident Coordinators and Heads of Agencies from across the Asia Pacific recently participated in a data workshop to explore the question. This is our recap of some key points.


Takeaways from the 2018 AI for Good Global Summit

The second AI for Good Global Summit brought leading experts together in Geneva, Switzerland. UN Global Pulse attended the Summit, sharing expertise from AI projects built with partners, and engaging in conversations to support ongoing innovation efforts and partnerships. 


Life in the Field: Reflecting on Our Fintech Research Methods 

Field research doesn’t just begin when you step foot in the field - nor does it end after your last interview. On the heels of wrapping up the fieldwork segment of our financial inclusion project, our researchers take a 360-degree look back on their journey from start to now. 


A Social Platform for People with Similar Health Conditions

Made in Indonesia, Pasienia is not just any other social app. Developed to cater to the social needs of patients and families coping with the same illnesses, it has won Google’s Business Group Stories contest and maintains a 4-star rating on Google Play. Meet its co-founder.


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Visualisation: Google search traffic by term
(Source: Quartz Media)


Innovation Buzzwords: Translating Jargon into Plain English

Every sector has its own lingo, a dialect normally spoken and understood by only those from within. A raised eyebrow here or there in confusion is common for an outsider, but when insiders themselves get also confused, it may be time to snap back to plain English.


How Crowdsourcing Drives Citizen Engagement

Traditional research approaches are well… traditional. With technology and the internet unapologetically changing the game, more citizens are enriching the power of the crowd with their two cents. This is how citizens in Boston, Jerusalem and Syracuse are pitching in.


What Happens to the Plastic We Throw Out

Many of us may have never heard of Henderson Island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But this tiny, uninhabited island very well knows about our dirty habits. The island has the highest concentration of debris in the world, but just how did so much garbage get washed ashore?


Improving Public Transit Rider Experience

Apart from expansions in transportation infrastructure and technology, improving citizens’ access to public transportation in metropolitan areas is crucial. A user research conducted in Seattle mapped riders’ experience, identifying their needs and uncovering their pain points.   


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