Datavores Indonesia by Pulse Lab Jakarta - February 2018


From the Lab

Ioannis Tsalamanis from Data Science Campus leading a workshop session at the Lab.


Building a Data Science Movement within the Public Sector 

Much like the labs in the Global Pulse network, Data Science Campus is tapping into the rich streams of data that are being generated by new technology to inform public policy and programme delivery. Joining us for two days of workshopping and brainstorming, a couple of the Campus' data scientists walked us through how it functions and keeps its momentum going.


Social Media Inspires Public Transport Analysis in the Maldives

For residents of Hulhumalé in the Maldives, many of the concerns regarding planning and the provision of public services revolve around issues of transport. To better understand their commuting experiences, the Lab designed a pair of research projects to investigate urban mobility patterns and to perform sentiment analysis of public transport using Twitter data.  


Research Dive Alumni Meet Up Across Four Cities 

More than 100 participants from diverse professional backgrounds have joined us for Research Dives since 2016. For this first reunion, our team ventured out to meet with past participants on their own turf in four cities. From sharing updates on past and ongoing research to reminiscing on their research stints at the Lab, those who could attend the reunion basked in its glory.


Youthful Winter Visit to the United Nations' HQ

"To what extent do we understand the changing dynamics within the youth population? And for us as young nation builders: do we have what it takes to design, share and defend our big ideas? If so, what are we waiting for?" In her own words, our data science research assistant (and youth representative from Indonesia) shares her impressions of the 2018 ECOSOC Youth Forum.


What we're reading

Visualisation: Popular Colour Names by Gender Preference
(Image by: Stephen Von Worley)


Do Financial Inclusion Efforts Really Have an Impact on Poverty?

While the push to enhance access to financial services has accelerated, evidence that speaks to improvements in the lives of the customers has been emerging at a different pace. And that's because, it's often thought about as a one-to-one impact. This new approach maps multiple impact pathways to better assess the impact of financial inclusion.


Design Anthropology for Well-being

Can we really measure well-being? What do we mean when we say one country is happier than another? This anthropologist has explored what it means "to feel alright", but instead of focusing on designing for solutions, her approach looks on designing for possibilities that blend interdisciplinary anthropology itself with the art of design. 


How to Avoid Harassment Online

Harassment comes as an unfortunate and undesirable part of maintaining an online presence. Though both women and men experience it, some studies have shown that women receive more abuse by far. How then can online harassment be avoided? This website cofounder suggests a simple solution - be an androgynous cat.  


Embracing Innovations in Government: Global Trends 2018

Informed by a global review of ways governments are transforming their operations and improving the lives of their citizens through innovation, this reports features in-depth case studies on 10 of 276 initiatives from 58 countries that surfaced during an extensive research and a global Call for Innovations crowdsourcing exercise.



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