Pulse Lab Jakarta launches Translator Gator

We are happy to share this news that today, Monday, 25th January 2016, Pulse Lab Jakarta launches Translator Gator (http://translator-gator.unglobalpulse.net), a crowdsourcing translation game open for everyone to translate SDG-related keywords and phrases in English to six Indonesian languages, i.e., Bahasa Indonesia, Jawa, Sunda, Bugis, Melayu, and Minang.

This project aims to:
• Support Global Pulse research related to sustainable development and humanitarian actions,
• Raise the awareness of Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia, and
• Work closely with research society, specifically Indonesian computational linguistic communities, by sharing translated words and conducting joint research projects.

A user or participant will be randomly asked to:
(a) translate a SDG-related word/phrase to an Indonesian language,
(b) suggest an alternative word/phrase given a translation,
(c) invite to evaluate a translation, and
(d) classify a word/phrase to multiple categories.

Based on user's contribution, user may be entitled to receive phone credit.
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