Commencing the UN Spirit: The Fourth Session of Jogja International Model United Nations 2015!

Jogja International Model United Nations is a UN simulation conference that is aimed to educate the youth about how the international organization works. It also has purpose to proliferate the spirit of global cooperation through representation of UN member states. It is held at Harper Hotel Yogyakarta from 11 to 14 November 2015. JOINMUN 2015 comes with its distinctive quality that makes it unique with other MUNs in Indonesia--- it is packed with Indonesian cultural elements integrated to its side events, excellent substantive quality with international-level chairs, and also a fun social experience that one will never forget.

The theme of JOINMUN 2015 is “Recalling the Past, Remapping the Global Future”. According to UNIC Jakarta’s Acting-Director, Mr. Vlastimil Samek, he felt that the theme sent strong message of how humanity should learn from its past mistake to make a better future especially considering that it is the youth who will become future leaders of the world. He further emphasized the need to sustain collective element of the UN as every member state is important. Mr. Samek appreciated the committee for inviting him as he would like to spread further message on youth involvement in global development and JOINMUN 2015 is the right place. JOINMUN is also commencing seventieth anniversary of the UN to further show its passionate appreciation for the global system.

Mr. Dio Tobing, President of Board of JOINMUN 2015, stated that “Recalling the Past, Remapping the Global Future” has implications that the past will shape the future and it is up to the youth to remake their own future. The realization of the theme could be seen through the five councils that are meant to be representing Past, Present, and the Future. JOINMUN is committed to maintain its reputation as the only international-level MUN in Indonesia, by not only inviting international chairs, but also including participation from foreign students. More than fifteen foreign students from countries such as Thailand, Zimbabwe, and Bulgaria are participating in the event, which closely reflects diverse quality that the real UN has and most importantly, the spirit of cooperation.
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