Turn Monas and Borobudur UN Blue

On 24 October, more than 150 iconic monuments, buildings, museums, bridges and other landmarks in more than 45 countries around the world will be lit up blue—the official color of the United Nations, as part of a global campaign to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the United Nations. Monas and Borobudur will be lit blue to highlight the joint 70th anniversary of Indonesian independence and the founding of the United Nations. Monas will start at 6pm and Borobudur will start at 7am.

This global event will be covered extensively on social media using the hashtag #UNBlue in addition to our year-long hashtag #UN70 and shared with the UN’s millions of followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Flickr and more. Photos and videos of UN Blue landmarks around the world will be available to media outlets via Flickr and UNIFEED.

Visit www.un.org/UN70 to know more about Turn the World UN Blue and other UN70 global activities and celebrations.

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